How far will I get on the bikes?

The bikes are very fast and have up to 130km battery life. Even if you ran them out of charge they’re not hard to pedal.Because the bikes are effortless, you’ll probably travel at a consistent 26km/hr. Which means you’re going to travel a long, long way!To put it in perspective, the entire cycle way network is currently between 200 - 300 kilometres long. So be ambitious with your plans.
What is your cancellation policy?

More than 24 hours notice – Full Refund.Less than 24 hours no refund is possible.Please Note: We may be able to reschedule your booking if unforeseen circumstances arise :)
What if it rains?

Well first of all, being Hawke’s Bay you can rely on it not raining in the summer! So make sure you have hats, sunscreen and sunglasses ready for your bike trip!But if you have the very bad luck to book your tour on a day that it does rain, then no problem we are more than happy to reschedule your trip or offer a full refund.Note that if the day is only lightly drizzling on and off, then we’d hope you would press on with the tour.
Where do the bike trips start and end?

Well, what we recommend that you drive to our location just outside Havelock North, and start your trip from there. We have safe parking on a rural property.Of course we are extremely happy to deliver the bikes to you. We charge a fee for delivery and a fee for pick up.But the reason we recommend starting near us is that we’re in the perfect spot to have a wonderful experience.For example you can leave our site, bike up Te Mata Peak (without breaking a sweat!). Get some amazing pictures, then ride down the hill and head to world-class wineries. Craggy Range Winery is very close by. Even better you can ride out to Te Awanga on a gorgeous riverside trail, and visit 3 great wineries out there.
What time should I arrive?

If you book a full day tour, then your departure time is a somewhat flexible 9am.If you book a half day then it’s fixed. Morning trips start at 8:30 and end at 12:30. Afternoon trips start at 1:30.And if you book a two hour dash then it depends on our bookings for the day. If nothings on, then come as you please. If we have bookings, these dashes happen in the gorgeous dusk of the early evening.
Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yep.We provide helmets, bikes, and saddle bags.
Is there a minimum number of riders required for booking?

We currently have 2 bikes for hire. If you wish you may just rent one.
Is there secure parking available at your site?

Yes we have secure parking on site.
What Should I bring?

The bikes have a 10 litre saddle bag on the back, in which you can carry whatever you like.The bags are robust and padded, and will keep your camera safe and sound for the entire trip.The pedals on the bikes are very user friendly and don’t require super sporty shoes.Otherwise there will be great beach and river spots for swimming. There will be plenty of wineries to shop at. There will be endless places to stop and have some cheese and crackers or a full picnic. And there will be some trinket stores too.And if you want to leave the bikes and hike off, we supply locks so you can keep your ride secure.